Chapter from book „Isetervendaja käsiraamat” by Virgo and Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo. Translation from Estonian to English is in process.

This article will give a short overview of both scientific reviews by doctors and scientists dedicated to treating cancer and of observations by healers and what we have experienced during the course of our practice. References are presented in „Isetervendaja käsiraamat”, referred to as ITK.

I. How to fight the disease on your own?

  1. Cancer is not something inevitable. Take matters in your own hands by casting away all feelings of helplessness and inability.
  2. Organise your thoughts.
  3. Assemble a healthy diet based on your needs and resources, a diet which in its effectiveness is equal to chemotherapy.
  4. There are curing mixtures, some you can prepare yourself and some need to be ordered.
  5. At least three or four healing methods should be applied simultaneously, because eventually something is bound to help.
  6. Make a list of different healing methods and a schedule for their use.

II. What to do after being diagnosed with cancer?

  1. Being active and staying dedicated to recovery helps to eliminate feelings of helplessness and hopelessness caused by uncertainty towards future. Gather the necessary information and mobilise your strength and experience to help your body ward off cancer and to rid yourself of illness. Shock and fear will do nothing, but hinder your recovery. The pain will recede along with the scepticism, after the first few steps towards recovery have been made and tangible results achieved. All the obstacles, which would impede you on your road to recovery, will disappear altogether.
  2. Virgo and Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo list in ITK possible reasons for the emergence of cancer. You can use the book to determine the reasons for your illness and then immediately start working towards removing them. If you do not, the illness might reappear despite the recovery made. If those causes are not taken care of, then staying cancer-free is unlikely, if not impossible.

III. General points

  1. Statistics are nothing more than background information. Data on deaths caused by cancer should never be taken as a death sentence. Numbers are not law and (medical) statistics are always outdated. In order to heal and not be bogged down by statistics, simply do a large part of the healing yourself. All humans are unique and therefore there are no rules, which are applicable to everyone.
  2. At least in 40% of all cases, growth of cancer can be halted simply by proper nutrition and physical activity. Those who follow guidelines for healthy lifestyle have 60% smaller chance to die of cancer.
  3. People, who follow the principles of healthy living (around 75%–80% of all people), will never have cancer.
  4. There is no universally successful treatment for cancer and there will not be one
    available in the near future.
  5. No matter which method is used for cancer treatment, in the end the body will rid itself of all cancer cells using its immune system.
  6. Many herbs have demonstrated their ability to fight off cancer in different ways:
    destroying cancer cells, activating self-destruction sequences in cancer cells,
    strengthening the immune system and activating its cancer-fighting system, restoring healthy cells, etc.
  7. Cancer will grow and spread by inflammation. This can be caused by consuming too much sugar and leading a stressful life, which is present especially in those cancer patients, who constantly feel desperate or helpless.
  8. The body needs to recover and heal by itself. This process is encouraged if all is removed, that might oppose the body’s ability to function normally (more in ITK). It is incredibly important to balance the body’s acidity and basicity levels, eliminate deficiencies in the immune system and remove anything, which might impede the brain’s function.
  9. It is suggested by many doctors in Russia and Germany, that cancer patients must follow an individual treatment plan using natural methods. Some of these suggestions are mentioned below.
  10. People, who are cancer-free after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, have either unconsciously or consciously activated the anti-cancer functions in their body by healthy nutrition.

IV. Steps to take

1. It is incredibly important to avoid constipation. To avoid this, drink a glass of water with 1–2 teaspoons of apple vinegar every morning. Add 1–3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to your breakfast (or 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds) and, during the day, eat a mixture of (in equal parts) dried plums, dried figs, dried apricots and honey. Dried fruits should be minced before blended with honey.

2. Regularly use tinctures from eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), peony and golden root (roseroot), which can be found in pharmacies. Twice daily, 30–40 drops (approximately 1 teaspoon), though this amount should be eased into your diet.

Drink tea made of plants with anti–cancer effect. Plants like dandelion, coltsfoot, nettle, comfrey, buds of birch tree, greater celandine, pot marigold, burdock, thistle, buckwheat (blossoms and leaves), brier, raspberry leaves, mead wort, willow bark, blackcurrant leaves, sage, foxberry and blueberry leaves, peppermint, etc. These may be blended together or consumed separately.

3. Gently rub the cancerous or painful areas with RemedyWay’s ointment Help from Nature-1” three times a day. After application, warm compress may be applied overnight.

4. Apply infusions of beeswax, bodies of bees and fly amanita (recipe in Appendices). It is recommended to mix these in equal parts.

5. Measure the level of acidity in your urine every morning. High acid levels should be treated with salt or cooking soda.

6. The recommended (daily) amount of vitamins and various microelements and proper ways to ingest them.

It is important to always maintain sufficient amount of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and other bioactive substances (more in ITK). If eliminating nutrient deficiency is ignored, there won’t be any results. These substances help to defend against the development of cancer cells.

A body plagued by cancer needs more vitamins to fight it.

Vitamin C – no less than 2–4 grams a day;
vitamin A – 5–10 times more than the daily recommendation (recent studies have shown that elderly people should consume vitamin A every day);
 vitamin E – 3–4 times the daily norm (over 200 mg a day);
vitamin Q – up to 100–200 mg a day;
B vitamins – B1, B2, B3 50–100 mg, B9 (folic acid) 5 mg, B12 20 mg a day.

The body also needs microelements, such as selenium, zinc and magnesium. Recommended daily amount for selenium is 200–400 mcg (microgram).

The functions and necessity of these vitamins in case of cancer are explained in ITK.


Vitamin A enables active recovery of normal cells by removing any possible damages present and by defending the mechanisms for proper gene activity.

Vitamin C works against metastasis in the liver, activates the self-destruction sequence in cancer cells, helps to isolate normal cells from cancer cells, neutralises any carcinogens in the body, stops the formation and development of new cancer cells, catches free radicals in intercellular space and stimulates the regeneration of healthy cells.

Vitamin E destroys carcinogens in the body, supports the immune system, hinders the growth of cancer, catches free radicals and with that, protects the cell membrane.

Recommendations for vitamin therapy
Vitamins need to be taken continuously for 2–3 weeks and afterwards there needs to be 1 week pause (recommended doses are in brought out in ITK, which also has more information on which vitamins and microelements are important in treating cancer). Change doses in sequences, while raising the doses little by little each day until the maximum dose. You may use lower maximum doses for 2–3 weeks, but no longer than that. After reaching the maximum dose, start decreasing the doses immediately, until the normal dose is achieved.

In order to consume the necessary amount of vitamins to cure cancer, one cannot avoid using synthetic vitamins, but it is required to consume them together with foods that include natural vitamins (for more information see ITK).

Below are a few examples of how to consume naturally occurring vitamins.

Blend either one kiwi or one whole or half a lemon in food processor; add vitamin C tablets (daily intake should not be less than 2–4 g); 25 mg of vitamin B3; 0.2 mg of vitamin B9 (folic acid); 0.2 mg of selenium; 300 mg of magnesium; honey to taste. Take half of this blend at a time 1–1 ½ hours after breakfast and lunch.

 Increase the amount of vitamin C by 1 g every day, bring the dose up to 4–10 g and then decrease the amount in the same manner back to 2 g. Thereafter consume 2–4 g of vitamin C for 1–2 weeks and if necessary, increase the daily intake again as mentioned before.

Eat at least 50 g of sprouted buckwheat (natural source of vitamins B and E) every day. Instructions on sprouting the buckwheat are in books ITK and „Eestimaine tatar kui toit, tervendaja ja ravitseja” by Virgo Mihkelsoo and Nelly Vahtramaa. Every day eat 50–100 g of sprouted buckwheat (whole or chopped), adding it to your daily food – salads, kefir, curd (cottage cheese cream), etc.
Sprouts are very nutritious. Sprouted buckwheat can also be left in the light, where it needs to be watered from time to time, to encourage the growth of sprouts. When sprouts are green and 10 cm long, use it for food.

Eat eggshells – see ITK.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, which have the necessary vitamins and microelements. See ITK.

7. Supply your body with more oxygen (see ITK).

It is vital to sleep in a dark and well-aired room and the temperature should be around 16–18 °C.
Sleep 8–10 hours, so the immune system could recover and pineal gland could synthesise hormone melatonin.

Take more walks by the seaside and pine forests, during which try to regulate your breathing and thinking.

Apply cancerous areas (for example, in case of lung cancer, the areas are chest and back) with 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in pharmacies. Moisten a gauze swab with hydrogen peroxide and apply several times a day.

8. Improve the condition of back and chest nerves (it is known that 90% of all illnesses, including cancer, might be linked with this).

  • Check the condition of your chest – stand upright with your feet spread to the width of your shoulders and then:
    1) turn your upper body to the left and back, repeat with turning to the right and back;
    2) tilt your upper body to the left and back, then to the right and back up.

    If you notice that you can turn or tilt more to one of the sides (bystander is able to tell), then there is something wrong with spine and/or chest. Check with your fingers, whether there is any pain at a certain vertebrae. There may be tension or spasms in muscles, the vertebrae might have shifted, the individual discs in between might have lost their elasticity or become more thick, etc.

  • A few tips. Have honey back massage to relieve any tensions or spasms in nerves in between the vertebras. Do this by locating the tense muscles with your fingers, apply pressure and massage the area with honey (see ITK page 247). Apply this particularly to the vertebrae in the neck and chest vertebrae. This massage is recommended for neck and upper back areas.
  • Hanging exercise. In the beginning, just try to hang as long as possible (10–30 seconds). After feeling more comfortable with this exercise, start twisting your lower body, move your legs, lift them up, do straight-leg scissors. Do these exercises 1–4 times a day.
  • Lie down on your back, pull your legs towards you with knees bent, then lift up your back and bottom and start moving the centre of your body to left and right 10–20 times. This exercise can be done after waking up, while lying on bed (like following exercise).
  • Lie on your back, keep your hands straight, while bringing them over your head and keep your legs straight. Simultaneously stretch out the right hand and left foot, then right foot and left hand; then the left hand and the left foot, right hand and right foot. Do these stretches for 10–20 times.
  • Check yourself again straight after the exercises in the same manner as mentioned above. The body may move more symmetrically, if you do the above mentioned bends and twists; back pain will disappear.

9. It is necessary to do some physical work or intense exercises for 1–2 hours a day (cycling, swimming, etc.). This is crucial for: enlarging the capillary network; improving the digestion of food and medications/supplements; activating the immune system and self-healing processes, etc.

Following is a list of easy exercises.

  • Squatting. There is always some malfunctioning of blood circulation somewhere in the body. Check this by standing on the floor with your feet apart at shoulder width; stretch your arms straight in front of you slightly above your head, squat deep enough, so that your rear would go below your knees. If you manage to squat 70–100 times in a row and you have no muscle pain 2–3 days after, this means that your muscles are well-developed and everything is well with your blood circulation.
  • Tip. Squats have a powerful healing impact overall. The more squats you are able to do (100–500), the better.

In addition to doing squats for healing purposes, you need to:
1) ‘walk’ on the floor back and forth on your buttocks (see book ITK);
2) sit on the floor with your legs straight, hands either on the floor or crossed on your chest, lift your legs and do straight-leg scissors 20 times in a row;
3) lie on the floor on your stomach, arms straight on your sides, palms may face the floor for support and lift straight legs 20 times in a row.

These exercises can be done in the morning or during the day in cycles (if necessary, take small breaks between the cycles), but cannot be any less than 20 minutes all together. Exercises can be changed after 2–3 days.

  • Morning exercise. After waking up, mobilise your muscles and prepare them for the coming day. Do the following.

1) Immerse a rough towel in cold water, wring out the excess water and then rub your body by doing quick movements.

2) Take a dip in a cold bath for 5–7 seconds, dry well by rubbing your body with a rough towel.

3) Take a shower, stay under cold shower for a bit and then rub dry with a towel.

Follow up with physical exercises: squats, push-ups etc. After any single exercise rest a bit if you need, take a sip of water, do some other exercise in the interim and then repeat the previous exercises. Finish off with a contrast shower, let cold water run on you for 5–7 seconds, rub dry with towel.
Afterwards, drink no less than 2 glasses of warm water or green tea with honey (drinking is like an internal shower). The best foods for breakfast are porridge, yogurt or curd (cottage cheese cream).
Morning exercise is very refreshing and cleans your body.

10. Detox

Cleansing will activate and encourage regeneration processes; aid the immune system, so it could function properly, and activate the self-healing and recovery processes.
It is believed, that detox procedures can help to eliminate 80% of illnesses. Without the purification of the body, any treatment will have very little or no effect at all. Without doing anything to cleanse your body, it is impossible to defeat cancer! There are many techniques for detoxing, a lot of them are a part of traditional medicine.

  • Drink green tea with honey (cleanses the body well, improves digestion, stimulates blood formation, etc.).
  • Eat sea cabbage, either on its own or add it to meals, or try kelp capsules (for example, Ламинарин, масло фукуса, Альга люкс – take 3–5 times more, than the daily recommendation – it is not dangerous, as it is all natural). Also, try other herbal supplements (such as Детоксикал, Алкогал, Фиторен), to get rid of carcinogens.
  • Detox mixture from flaxseeds, lemon and honey. Take half a glass or three quarters of a glass of crushed flaxseeds, juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp of honey. Pour 1.5 litres of boiling water over flaxseeds and boil for 1–2 hours in a water bath, let it cool and then add the lemon juice and honey. Consume 50–100 ml at a time, while still warm, starting from 12 o’clock. Detoxing is in process for about 2–3 weeks.
  • Procedures in sauna. Increasing number of specialists and doctors consider sauna procedures the most effective way to eliminate tension, spasms, pain, inflammation and to activate the immune system, triggering the self-healing. For cancer sufferers, sauna helps to reduce the burden on kidneys.

Sauna guidelines

• Temperature in sauna should not exceed 80 0C if sauna is without steam, and should be no more than 100 0C, when water is thrown on hot stones;

• If sauna is visited for healing purposes, do not enter the steam room more than 3 times. The procedures in sauna should not last longer than 40–60 minutes, to avoid fatigue.

• Do not enter the sauna, when your skin is dry. Before entering the steam room, you may wash yourself, massage the body or do exercises, until you start sweating slightly, and then wash yourself. This helps to open up pores and steam room becomes much more tolerable. It also helps to eliminate cramps in deep muscles.

• During the first 3–7 minute session in the sauna, warm the body up until the sweat starts forming, then go and take a cold shower to cool off. Wash yourself thoroughly.

• During the second (10–12 minutes) session in sauna, let the body warm up well, whisk yourself with a good whisk (for example, with a whisk made from eucalyptus) and after leaving the sauna, pour cold water over yourself, rub yourself with snow or jump in a bath filled with ice cold water for 5–7 seconds. Cold water is important, because the shock stimulates the body’s immune system, which starts the self-healing and recovery processes, and also the blood circulation is stimulated.

• Prior to the third sauna session, rub your body with melted honey, especially the problematic areas, and again stay in sauna, until sweating starts.

• After sauna sessions, drink plenty of water and different healing drinks (see book ITK).

Prepare food in glass, ceramic or stainless-steel crockery. For cleaning and washing use vinegar, baking soda or soap.


11. How to use subconscious mind in cancer treatment? See ITK for more information.

Take action and start working towards solving the problem with real goal in mind. If you do not have a goal, you need to set one to live for (a very helpful book on this matter is „The Most Important Question” by Peep Vain, published in English in 2013). Formalise your goal and put into words, why you would need a healthy and well-functioning body.
Your subconscious will start working on it. You need to make efforts right at the beginning to relieve yourself from all the stress and to prove to the subconscious, that there is a goal to achieve and steps have already been taken towards fulfilling it.

Try to block the genes, which cause cancer, and to activate cancer destroying mechanisms with the power of your mind.

Repeat silently or say out loud affirmations every day for at least 5–30 minutes (during moments of rest, after waking up, before falling asleep, etc.). The examples below can be edited to make them more suitable for you, but make sure you retain the brevity and keep the message clear and optimistic. Repeat the following with desire, pleasure and conviction.

My body is getting rid of impurities. The healing program prepared by my subconscious is applied in full force, recovery processes are working. The program of finding the cancer cells is taking effect. Cancer cells will be found and destroyed. Cancer cells will be destroyed and ejected from the body. The damaged cells and tissues, including the ones in the lymphatic system, are recovering gradually. Health problems will disappear; the physical capabilities will recover steadily at an increasing speed.”

Often try to visualize, how these processes actually work in the body: the blood particles are looking for cancer cells, surrounding and destroying them. In the end there is only a bit of impurity left, which is transported by blood to the bladder and rectum, where it will find its way out of the body.
This kind of acute organized attack on a widespread cancer will be successful.

At the end of each day, just before going to sleep, praise or commend yourself for the good work and achievements.

Constantly seek out and fixate on the healing signs, do not concentrate on your illness.

Eliminate so-called rubbish from brain and suppress the stress (see recommendations in ITK). Stress dramatically accelerates the formation of metastasis (stress can accelerate the growth of cancer cells in new places of the body).

Walk a little faster than you normally would, for about 40–60 minutes a day, or every other day, try to stay outside in fresh air: garden, terrace, rooftop, the best places are pine forest, beach or near a waterfall. While walking, always pay attention to your breathing, intake of air should be rapid and breathing out slow (see ITK). During the first two steps inhale, over the following four steps, while reducing the opening of your mouth, exhale slowly. Do not breathe during the next two steps and start the cycle again. Use this breathing technique throughout the entire walk. To avoid breathlessness, try to find a steady rhythm and when it is comfortable to exhale entirely. This is a form of active meditation. Concentrating on breathing enables the brain to organize itself and establish the necessary processes for getting rid of the “rubbish” in the brain (see book ITK). Structured breathing supplies the body with atomic oxygen, which straight away starts to destroy foreign substances in the body (carcinogens, cancer cells), kick-starts the healing process. Instead of walking, you may as well try light jogging. If possible, try to jog or walk two times a day. Follow up with shower, using only the most basic soap or nothing at all.

After you have finished washing yourself, turn off hot water and take a cold shower making sure every part of your body has been rinsed with cold water. Count to five, turn off water and rub your body dry immediately, until the skin reddens and then rest. This way you activate the immune system and start the recovery. After weeks of exercising and reprogramming your brain, the subconscious will carry the healing process on by itself, it becomes as effortless as riding a bicycle.

It is very beneficial to consume colostrum and honey blends (RemedyWay’s honey blends with berries and nuts), do physical exercises and cold water procedures (contrast shower), etc.

V. Nutrition

Below is a list of products that should be used. The menu must meet the basic cancer treatment requirements, food should be tasty and with a lot of variety. One should enjoy increasing pleasure from eating.

1) When more than one type of food with cancer curing properties is used, it will increase the overall healing effect. We recommend making smoothies and healthy cocktails.

Recipe for a smoothie, which ingredients have strong cancer-fighting properties. All ingredients must be used according to their daily norms. For example 100 g of cabbage, 50 g of blueberries, 2 g of green tea etc.

Recipe for a healthy and vibrant smoothie: blend together broccoli, garlic, shallots, black pepper, cranberries, blueberries, grapefruit and green tea.

2) Green tea prevents the formation of new blood vessels for the growing cancer and developing metastasis. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and very effective in detoxing the body encouraging the destruction of cancer cells.

Take 2 g of green tea, brew for 10 minutes and drink. If the tea has stood around for longer than 2 hours, make a new tea, as the old one would have lost its effectiveness. The growth rate of cancer will slow down by 50% if you drink 5 cups of green tea a day.

3) Tomato contains a number of anti-cancer substances. Tomatoes always need to be thermally processed to release the anti-cancer substances. Eat tomatoes with olive oil, which aids the digestion of necessary nutrients.
It is best to cook tomatoes at a low temperature in olive oil. Add onion, garlic, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, etc. 

4) Raspberries, strawberries, walnuts and hazelnuts significantly decelerate the growth of cancer and inhibit the growth of blood vessels needed for cancer. A study found the effects from eating raspberries were comparable to using angiogenesis inhibitors. The natural compound also stops the carcinogens received from the environment transforming into toxic substances in the body and also stimulates the removal of toxic substances from the body.

5) Fruits with stones. Peaches, nectarines and particularly plums have strong cancer-fighting properties.

6) Spices and herbs. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca subsp. villosus), peppermint, marjoram, thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, cinnamon – all help to block the angiogenesis, reduce the spreading of cancer and even encourage the destruction of cancer cells.

7) Rosemary prevents the penetration of cancer into neighbouring tissues and thus cancer will lose its aggressiveness. You can make rosemary tea; add it to green purée (recipe in appendix), salads, etc.

8) Celery and parsley. Have anti-inflammatory properties, powerfully inhibit the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) for cancer. It has been proven, that celery and parsley have a strong therapeutic effect. Use them either fresh or dried.

9) Cherry. Encourages cleansing of body and removal of artificial hormones.

10) Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory attributes. Stops angiogenesis, stimulates the apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells, stops the growth of cancer and prevents the development of cancer, which was caused by carcinogenic chemical compounds. In order to enable the body to digest turmeric, it needs to be taken along with black pepper. We recommend mixing turmeric, black pepper and olive oil in a ratio of 1 : 2 : 0.2.

11) Ginger has similar properties to turmeric and belongs to the same family of Zingiberaceae.
Try adding grated ginger to vegetable ragout; grate ginger on stone fruits and add freshly-squeezed lime or lemon juice.

Ginger juice drink. Chop a small piece of ginger and mix with a glass of boiling water, add 0.5–1 tsp of honey. Consume within an hour. Drink twice daily.

12) Cabbages (Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower) have the ability to neutralise carcinogens and because they are a great antioxidant, they aid in fighting cancer. Cabbages significantly increase the anti-cancer activity of immune system, for example, the activity of NK (natural killer) cells may increase over 50%. Cabbages go well with onion, garlic, tomato and olive oil. Cabbages should be cooked for a short time in steamer or fried briefly in olive oil.

13) Onion and garlic reduce the effect of carcinogens, which are produced by frying meat or smoking; encourage the self-destruction of cancer cells (in case of lung cancer). Fry onion and garlic in olive oil, mix in turmeric and black pepper and add to vegetable dishes.

14) Fruits and vegetables. Carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, persimmons, peaches, apricots, beetroots and all other brightly coloured fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system; stimulate the growth of healthy cells and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. It is necessary to always use these products along with olive oil to absorb vitamin A better. Consume raw carrots with olive oil or butter.

15) Seaweed blocks the growth of cancer cells, decelerates development of breast, prostate, colon and skin cancer. Sea cabbage goes well with beans, speeds up the cooking process of beans and stimulates the absorption of nutrients.

16) Blue berries (blueberry, bog blueberryy, dewberry) stimulate the removal of carcinogens from the body; reduce the angiogenesis; trigger the self-destruction process in cancer cells (apoptosis).
Freezing does not destroy the active anti-cancer molecules in berries.
Eat more fruits in between meals, because they do not induce the production of insulin and with that, any inflammatory processes, and do not accelerate the growth of cancer.
Consume 100–200 grams of blueberries every day, 3 times a day (at least for 3 months in a row) before and in between meals, before bedtime. Smash berries before eating, mix in 1 tbsp of honey, and let it stand for 1–2 hours. You can also add 1–1.5 glasses of kefir, 2 tbsp of raw buckwheat flour and have it as dinner.
Eat 50–100 g of bog blueberries and dewberries per day.

17) Citrus fruits. Orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit have an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate the removal of carcinogens by the liver.

18) Pomegranate. Pomegranate juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and is source of antioxidants.
If you drink pomegranate juice every day, the cancer growth will slow down by 67%. It is recommended to drink 1 glass of pomegranate juice during breakfast. 

19) Green apple has anti-cancer properties. Make your own apple purée and use it in meals.

20) Red wine slows down cancer formation, growth and its activation. Do not exceed the recommended half a glass of wine a day accompanied by meal. Good wines are genuine Crimean wines, Moldovian Kagor, French Pinot Noir and others.

21) Dark chocolate, which contains more than 70% of cocoa. Chocolate molecules slow down the growth of cancer cells and inhibit angiogenesis. Not to use milk chocolate, as the milk in chocolate eliminates the anti-cancer effect.

Eat one fifth to half a bar (100 g bar) of chocolate a day. It is recommended to eat 1–2 pieces of chocolate at a time along with green tea. You can also melt the chocolate over hot water bath and mix it with grated ginger or mandarin skin.

22) Mushrooms. Many fungi have anti-cancer properties. Mushrooms boost the number of cells and their activity in immune system and in cancer cells. Eat at least 10 g of mushrooms per day. Use mushrooms in soups, or braised with fruits and vegetables etc.

23) Fish oil. Take 1–2 tsp of fish liver oil in the morning. Eat fatty fish at least twice a week. Eat more sardine, salmon, mackerel and eel.

24) Olive oil. Consume 0.5–1 tbsp of olive oil a day in salads, sauces and use in cooking.

25) Flaxseeds. Consumption 30 g of flaxseeds per day can reduce the growth of cancer by 30%–40%. Consumed regularly, the formation of metastasis will reduce significantly. Do not use more than 45 g of flaxseeds per day. Grind the seeds in coffee grinder, mix with natural kefir or add to salads.

26) Buckwheat. See books ITK and „Eestimaine tatar kui toit, tervendaja ja ravitseja” by Virgo Mihkelsoo and Nelly Vahtramaa.
Raw buckwheat strengthens the anti-inflammatory processes, prevents inflammation, stimulates the mechanisms of immune system and accelerates the formation of ferments, which destroy the carcinogens in the body and lessen their impact. Buckwheat disrupts cancer cells from fermenting, which is required for cancer’s survival; slows down the development of cancer and it can even lead to a total disappearance of breast, colon, ovarian and blood cancer.

It is recommended to eat buckwheat every day. Try buckwheat porridge, buckwheat cookies, buckwheat patties, pilaf, etc. Add buckwheat flour to sour milk (curdled milk), kefir, curd (cottage cheese cream), creamy curd, sauces, shakes, ragouts, etc. Buckwheat has a wide variety of uses for any meal.

Recipe idea. Boil some fish and in formed broth, make buckwheat porridge. Add flakes of cooked fish into the porridge. Add a bit of olive oil to garnish and 1–2 cloves of crushed raw garlic to taste.

Eat 50 g of sprouted buckwheat every day (natural source of vitamins B and E) as whole or ground. Add buckwheat sprouts to mains, salads, kefir, curd, etc. You may also leave sprouted grains in light and water from time to time. Buckwheat shoots are ready to eat, when shoots turn green and are 10 cm long.

Please note, that only light-coloured (raw) buckwheat, which is organic and processed mechanically, has all its healing and curing properties. Only good quality and truly raw buckwheat grains sprout well and quickly (see ITK for more details).

27) Eat more kefir and sauerkraut. They slow down the development of cancer cells, stimulate the activity of intestinal tract and thereby reduce the time, during which carcinogens are in contact with the intestinal wall and are absorbed into the blood. Kefir and sauerkraut help the body to get rid of toxins, improve the activity of immune system and increase the number cancer destroying white blood cells (leukocytes) in the immune system. Their effect will be amplified with the following ingredients: garlic, onion, tomato, asparagus and banana.

28) Only drink clean water and if possible, choose structured or silver water (more information in ITK). Each day drink at least 1.5–2 litres of clean melted water. Every morning, put a container into freezer filled with 2 litres of clean drinking water. In the evening take it out and let it melt. Drink it all the following day and make sure, it is warmed up to body temperature. Drink 1–2 glasses in the morning immediately after waking up and also before meals, in between meals and before sleep.

29) Drink this healthy smoothie every day for several months. By doing this, cancer development will halt or may even start to diminish.

Recipe for healthy smoothie. 100 g of broccoli or Brussels sprouts, 2–3 cloves of garlic, quarter of onion, 2–3 pinches of black pepper, 50–100 g of cranberries, 50–100 g of blueberries (frozen or fresh), quarter or half of lemon and grapefruit juice, 3–4 pieces of dark chocolate, 6–8 g of turmeric, a quarter of a glass of pomegranate juice, 1 tbsp of honey. Crush all ingredients separately and then mix together in a blender. Drink some of it in the morning, the rest can be consumed in between or instead of meals

30) Eat powder made out of egg shells, only use sea salt and add 1–2 tsp of crushed garlic to every meal (prepare the next day’s portion in advance and store in fridge).

31) Limit the intake of following foods.

• Meat. No more than 300–500 g of meat per week

• White bread and other baked goods made with white flour

• Coffee and black tea

• Fried foods

• Limit excessive consumption of products containing omega-6 fatty acids (products with white flour, wheat products, corn flour, soy, sunflower oil). If you are unable to avoid such foods, increase the consumption of products that contain more omega-3 fatty acids (oily fish, linseed oil, etc.), to ensure the correct ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

• Limit the consumption of animal fats. These contain deposits of cancer-causing substances. If you cannot avoid them, the ratio between animal and vegetable products should be 1 : 4.

32) Stop consuming the following.

• Margarine. Margarine is high in omega-6 fatty acids, because it contains oils from sunflower and soy, which are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Margarine causes disruptions in brain activity and induces the formation of cancer.

• Products, which include a lot of industrial fats: bakery products, biscuits, pizzas, potato chips, chips, etc.

• Do not eat sugary products in between meals – these products will increase the insulin level, causing increased risk of inflammation and growth of cancer. The only way to consume sugary products is to eat them with a meal and with butter or olive oil (butter and olive oil help to slow down the digestion of sugar and keep the insulin level stable). Whenever possible, use honey instead of sugar.

• Canned products, precooked meals and processed foods, which contain preservatives and colouring agents.

• Coffee, alcohol and quit smoking.

33) To strengthen the immune system: eat 1–2 bananas a day, sweet fruits, fish, nuts, buckwheat, curd and cheese. Get at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day or light from daylight lamp. Before going to bed, drink a glass of kefir with berries and honey; a glass of warm water with honey and blueberries or some hot chocolate with honey. Go to bed at the right time and sleep at least 8 hours in a dark well-aired room (ideal room temperature is 18–20 0C).

VI. Finally

Plan a weekly menu and make sure your body receives the maximum amount of foods with anti-cancer properties. The core ingredients need to be consumed every day with every meal, others every other day, but still on a regular basis. Different products need to be used in accordance with daily recommended allowance. Different fruits, herbs and vegetables, which have anti-inflammatory effect, should be a part of everyday diet (this requirement should be easy to meet, since many of the plants have a strong anti-inflammatory effect).

Anti-cancer foods have more impact, when consumed together.

Drink more healthy shakes and smoothies made from fruits and berries, also drink fresh fruit juices, eat more salads, vegetable ragouts, etc. We advise to add grated ginger to ragouts, eat fruits with kiwi or lime and grated ginger.

Increase the consumption of products, which provide the body with necessary nutrients (see ITK for more nutritional information of different foods).

Eat more fruits and vegetables, olive oil, linseed oil, natural farm butter, fresh farm eggs and cheese, fish and seafood, paddy rice, buckwheat bread made with pre-ferment and other products from buckwheat, multigrain products, buckwheat, oats, millet, sprouted wheat and buckwheat, cabbage, onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkins, beetroot, melon, peas, beans, water with lemon juice, dark chocolate, green tea, fresh juices from fruits and vegetables (especially carrots), mushrooms, nuts, herbal teas and spices – turmeric, rosemary, thyme, peppermint.

Eat buckwheat every day: buckwheat porridge, sauces with buckwheat flour, buckwheat cookies, smoothies with buckwheat flour, buckwheat patties, buckwheat pilaf, etc.

Drink 5–6 cups of tea per day, which is a mixture of (in equal parts) greater celandine, green tea and buckwheat.

Recipe for ginger drink: chop a small piece of ginger, mix it in a glass of boiling water and add 0.5–1 tsp of honey.

Drink healthy shakes every day from fruits, berries, vegetables, kefir, buckwheat flour, etc. for several months.
Recipe idea.
Take 100–150 g of preferred raw fruits and berries; 1–2 glasses of kefir; 1–2 tbsp of organic raw buckwheat flour; if possible, then 1–2 tbsp of nutritional supplements (for example, honey blend with blueberries) and 0.5–1 tbsp of honey and mix it all together in a blender or food processor. After blending everything together, let it stand for a bit before drinking. Drink some of it in the morning and consume the rest in between meals and as a replacement for dinner.

Some of the anti-cancer supplements need to be taken before meal, some together with meal, some in between meals and some before sleep. Before meals, consume those food supplements, which are activating; take together with meals those supplements, which provide a variety of nutrients, and in between meals take those supplements, which give a boost of vitamins, microelements, etc.

For example, after waking up, drink 1–2 glasses of warm water (body temperature), add 2–3 cloves of chopped garlic, juice from half of lemon and 2–3 tsp of honey. 20 minutes before breakfast, take supplements to heal organs and the whole body (for example, RemedyWay’s honey blend „Kiirabi”).
20 minutes before lunch take supplements to strengthen the immune system. Use 0.5–1 tbsp of turmeric and black pepper paste with meals. To make the paste, mix turmeric, black pepper and olive oil in ratio of 1: 0.2 : 2.Carry the paste with you, so that you can always add it to foods.
For dinner make a blend from kefir and buckwheat flour. If the digestive system is malfunctioning, you may take an additional glass of kefir or sour milk (curdled milk) with 3 tbsp of blueberries and 1 tbsp of honey before going to sleep.

Before going to bed, provide the body with necessary nutrients to combat cancer, for example, drink herbal infusions from red wine, bee products, fly amanita, etc.

Take care while exercising, but do it even despite the pain (pain usually disappears within 2–3 days).

All kinds of activities are suitable – dancing, walking, jogging, swimming, karate, boxing, cycling, etc. Exercising activates the immune system, the number of cancer destroying white blood cells increases, stress reduces, blood circulation improves and any blockage and swelling is removed, chances for inflammation decrease, etc.

Assist the body continuously, then feelings of helplessness, stress, etc. disappear.
Use three methods simultaneously to fight cancer and change them every 3–8 weeks. In agreement with your doctor, minimize the intake of any medications (especially in excess doses), because they can disrupt self-healing processes.

It is advised to consume natural pain killers instead of synthetic ones.

When cancer growth is halted, pay more attention to organs affected by cancer and try to stabilise the body to function normally.

VII. In conclusion

  1. The aim of the first phase of the treatment is to stabilise the process, halt the development of cancer and provide more time in order to:
    a) help the body gain more strength and create necessary substances to fight cancer;
    b) give the opportunity to find the most effective and suitable form of natural treatment from a vast amount of information and practical experiences of healers.
  2. Make a daily schedule. It will aid in organising your daily procedures and intake of remedies. You may alter it to suit your needs and abilities (some products may be hard to find, etc.).
  3. You must act continuously and systematically along with your doctor’s prescribed treatment before, during and after completing your medical procedures and consumption of medicines.
  4. The sick person needs to be active in his/her treatment, to eliminate feeling helpless, stressed and so the subconscious could mobilise to fight cancer.
  5. It is important to keep in mind, that it is possible to beat cancer only when at least 2–3 treatment methods are being used simultaneously.
    For example, vitamin therapy, herbal teas, ointments, tinctures, etc. Body may host different types of cancer cells, which use different substances to trigger its growth, etc. Every method needs to be used for about 3–8 weeks, so your body would adjust to the aid and would start using the provided strength. The duration for every method is very personal; it truly depends on your gut feeling (recommendation from your subconscious mind). Be consistent throughout these 3–8 weeks, because if you make any pause in your treatment, it will give cancer the opportunity to adjust and become immune to the treatment. Also, it will disrupt the functioning of body, if it is bombarded with one method or cure after another. Follow through with one set of methods for 3–8 weeks and if there are no signs of improvement, change your methods.

    It is possible to beat cancer and other illnesses, because humans are very receptive to natural remedies, especially the elderly. There is plenty of time to beat the illness, because cancer (especially prostate cancer, if it has not had any medical interference) develops very slowly for many years.

  6. Tell yourself, what is happening in your body, when you use natural means and remedies. For example, red wine infusion strengthens the immune system, activates the destruction of cancer cells, and halts the growth of cancer.
    Stimulating your skin with healing ointments eliminates feeling indifference and activates self-healing processes. Special diet provides your body with necessary nutrients, normalises digestion and stimulates the functioning of immune system. For example, cold water after sauna activates the immune system, etc.
  7. Do not eat more, than 2 tbsp of honey a day. More honey can be taken, if intense workout is done, the body receives enough oxygen and if buckwheat is consumed (in that case, honey will be used up as energy for the body and will not be used up by cancer cells).
  8. Healing practices have confirmed, that organism cleanses, gathers strength and means to get rid of cancer for about 6–8 weeks. If during this period the treatment is carefully planned out and the “war declared on cancer” is successful, then from that moment on cancer ceases to exist in following weeks, months or coming 2-3 years, depending on the size of the cancer, healthy lifestyle choices, condition of the body, the extent of treatment and the effort put into it. The growth of cancer may halt temporarily (encapsulated cancer) etc.
  9. Start keeping a diary on changes in lifestyle, eating habits, procedures, etc. Gather all the copies of analyses and check-ups done, write down all used methods, put down the names and amounts of medications and supplements taken. Every day write down all the symptoms, feelings and all decisions made regarding your body. Diary and analyses give a good overview of all successful methods used and will be a good source of information for health-care specialists to make effective cures, provide efficient plans for therapy and prophylaxis in the future, suppress the cancerous formations and keep them under control, etc.
  10.  Learn how to maintain the life in you. After recovery it is important to be careful not to give any incentive for development of cancer (read more in ITK). Consume anti-cancer foods, do detox on a regular basis, do therapy and prophylaxis, use teas and supplements with immune strengthening and anti-cancer properties until the very end, because the body loses its strength by aging.
  11. And remember – healing is all up to you! Do not hope for a miracle cure and do not be lazy by letting people close to you, doctors and hospitals do everything for you. You have the power to cure yourself. You have to put all of your opportunities and willpower into use to help your body. Try to understand why something is done the way it is done, be consistent and patient.

We wish you good luck on bringing back your health! Have a long and healthy life! 


Appendix 1. Green purée. Collect green leaves, blossoms and top parts of plants. You may use dandelion; sprouts of young juniper and pine; blossoms and leaves of birch, hawthorn, foxberry, blueberry, Echinacea, valerian, walnut tree, hazel, basswood, raspberry, Paeonia, St John’s wort, broccoli and other cabbages, calendula, white nettle, Calamus, Cotton thistle, Aloe vera, tea-leaf, mead wort and buckwheat. Take 4 or 5 different plants in equal parts. Put 1 tbsp of honey, juice of half a lemon and about 40–60 g of chopped plants and blend it to purée. Take 1–2 tbsp of this purée 1 hour after every meal. You may also mix the purée with 400–800 ml of freshly-squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Enjoy it throughout the day in small amounts.
Change the key ingredients of the purée after every two weeks, or blend in more plants to an existing one, but keep using one combination for two weeks.

Appendix 2. Eliminate inflammations incidental to cancer.
Inhale healing steam every morning and evening. Make a herbal blend  in equal parts from pine sprouts, northern Labrador tea (wild rosemary), eucalyptus, juniper, sage, peppermint, common mullein, other anti-inflammatory plants (you may also buy a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs from a pharmacy, but change to a new one after two weeks) or plants mentioned in Appendix 1.
Place 2 tbsp of that blend into a smaller pot, pour over 1 l of water and bring up to boil. Immediately add crushed garlic and keep on a low simmer. Add 2 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of propolis tincture (you may buy the tincture from pharmacy or make it yourself by mixing together 20 g of propolis and 100 g of vodka and then letting it brew).
Put the pot on the table and lean over it. Cover your head with a cloth and breathe in and out for 10–15 minutes. Continue this procedure for 10 days, then pause for 5 days and do for 10 more days. Repeat this cycle until body temperature is at a normal level.

Appendix 3. Formation of metastasis in:

  1. liver. Finely grate horseradish root. Take 1 tbsp of grated horseradish root and mix it in a glass of boiled water and add 1 tsp of honey. Put it in fridge for 12 hours.
    After going to toilet perform an enema with solution made from potassium permanganate by injecting 30–40 g of warmed up solution. If solution does not absorb quickly, then add a bit more water. Perform enemas every other day. Usually metastasis in liver may disappear after 10–15 procedures.
    You may also use horseradish for inhalation. Put 1 tbsp of freshly grated horseradish on a plate and lean over it. Cover your head with a cloth and breathe in for 2-3 minutes until you feel tears forming. Perform this procedure several times a day always with freshly grated horseradish, especially in case of lung cancer.
  2. bones. Consume brew made from vodka and fly amanita. Chop about 200 g of fly amanita and leave them in a cool and dark place for two days. If mushrooms are small, then use them as whole, if medium-sized – use half of stalk and whole cap, if mushrooms are large, then only use cap. If you only have dried mushroom powder, then use about 45–60 g. Add 50 g of ground propolis (you may freeze it first), 50 g of honey (preferably buckwheat honey) and pour over 250 ml of vodka. Let it brew for two weeks in a cool and dark place, stirring time to time. Take 0.2–1 tsp of brew (starting with smaller doses) 30 minutes before every meal, spread on cancerous areas or use it to make compress. Definitely pay attention to your well-being and possible side effects. Consume lower doses, if necessary.

All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of RemedyWay OÜ.
This article is a short version of a chapter in  Virgo and Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo’s book „Isetervendaja käsiraamat“. This article was originally published in Estonian in September 2012 and revised in 30 December 2013.

Virgo ja Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo


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